It tingles when I apply Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex to my face, is this normal?

High concentrations of Pure Vitamin C might initially tingle or sting when first used on sensitive skin. We recommend doing a skin patch test before the use or applying it every other day until accustomed.

Can I use this product if I have sensitive skin?

Forever Bright is formulated for all skin types but we recommend doing a skin patch test before use.

Can I use this product if I have acne?

Yes, Forever Bright Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Can I use Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex products with other skincare products?

Yes, however, we recommend not using it with products that contain high concentrations of AHA, BHA ingredients and products containing high concentrations of retinol for people with sensitive skin. If you wish to use them together, we recommend applying products at separate periods such as in the morning and evening.

Who is an ideal target for Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex?

Forever Bright Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex is ideal for skin that needs support against free radical damage, loss of elasticity, age spots, and pigmentation.

How often should you use Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex?

It is recommended to use Luminous Skin and Advanced C Complex once daily in the evening routine. Due to its antioxidant properties that helps recover the skin from environmental aggressors and free radical damage. If you’re a new user of pure vitamin C serums, it is recommended to start with incorporating this serum every other day and build it up to daily use for best results.

How often should you use Deep E Synergy Cream?

It is recommended to use Deep E Synergy Cream twice daily in the morning and in the evening routine.

How often should you use Intense Dermal Repair?

It is recommended to use Intense Dermal Repair twice daily in the morning and in the evening routine.

What does Pure Vitamin C do for your face?

Pure Vitamin C or L-Ascorbic Acid, has a wide range of excellent benefits when applied. It has excellent antioxidant properties to help protect the skin from damaging free radicals and environmental stressors. It also inhibits the production of melanin and its activity to reduce new formation of melanin and lighten areas of hyperpigmentation. Pure Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production to improve fine wrinkles, lines, and skin elasticity.

How does Pure Vitamin C break down pigmentation?

Pure Vitamin C plays a key role in breaking down pigmentation in the skin. It inhibits the production of melanin and suppresses the activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which helps to reduce the formation of melanin and lighten areas of hyperpigmentation. Additionally, Pure Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radicals that can contribute to the development of pigmentation irregularities which can help to brighten the complexion and promote a more even skin tone.

Frequently asked questionWhat is different from Pure Vitamin C and Synthetic Vitamin C?

Not all Vitamin C is the same. Synthetic Vitamin C is not potent at delivering efficacy as Pure Vitamin C is the most biologically active form of vitamin C which has been scientifically proven to have the most absorption when applied to your skin.

However, it is very difficult to stabilize due to its potency and can be easily degraded by exposure to light, heat, or air. Serum Laboratory’s Patented Pure Vitamin C is highly stable ensuring you are delivered the most potent effects until the last drop.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, known tobe 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 770x more powerful than CoQ10,100x more powerful than Vitamin E and scientifically proven to enhance the DNArepair capacity of cells exposed to UV radiation. However, its poor solubilityin water and chemical instability present challenges for its use in cosmetics.Serum Laboratory has developed a proprietary extraction method that stabilizesAstaxanthin, making it effective for topical application. With a Patent thatcombines Pure Vitamin C and Astaxanthin in a golden ratio to boost efficacy andabsorption.

What does Astaxanthin do for your face?

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, known to be 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 770x more powerful than CoQ10, 100x more powerful than Vitamin E. It is a powerhouse when it comes to protecting our skin against damaging UV rays, repairs DNA damage from the sun and enhances the skin’s health. It also fights off pigmentation, neutralizes free radical damage, calming inflammation in the skin in eczema, and improves find lines and wrinkles in aging skin.

What does Ferulic Acid do for your face?

Ferulic acid is an antioxidant agent that works synergistically with vitamin C and E boosting their absorption in the dermal area. It also neutralizes free radicals, reducing cell damage from the ravages of the environment (such as UV radiation, smoke and pollution). Often used widely in dermatology clinics in their treatments.

What does Vitamin E do for your face?

Vitamin E is fantastic at hydration and soothing the skin of all skin types but it’s especially beneficial for sensitive and dry skin. It acts as a ‘humectant’ and an ‘emollient’ meaning it helps your skin absorb moisture and traps it within the skin. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also soothe and nourish irritated and dry skin to give it a natural glow.

What is Ceramide NP?

Ceramides make up more than 40% of the skin’s lipid composition and are crucial to stop Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and protect the most important skin barrier. Not all ceramides are the same and Ceramide NP stands out as the most important because of its remarkable similarity to the natural ceramides found in our skin. It shares almost identical molecular structure and composition with the ceramides present in our skin's barrier.

What does Ceramide do for your face?

Our Ceramide NP is formulated with Nano Liposome Technology which means it is more effective in delivering active ingredients to the skin allowing Ceramide NP to effectively replenish and strengthen our skin's protective barrier, promoting hydration, resilience, and overall skin health making it excellent for sensitive skin. Ceramide NP is also has great soothing properties for dry, irritated skin.

Are your products organic/natural?

Serum Laboratory products combine the power of naturally occurring and advanced science ingredients that are formulated for ease of use, highly effective, non-toxic, non-irritating. We at Serum Laboratory does not stand behind labels such as “organic”, “natural”, or “clean” which does not have clear definition about the product’s safety nor its efficacy. We stand strong to bring you the best scientifically ingredients that have proven results and being certified “organic or natural” always give you the best results.

Can I recycle may packaging?

Yes. And the packaging for our serums and drops are made of medical grade glass – which is particularly recyclable and can be used for a long time.

We at Serum Laboratory continue to bring our part to sustainability in our environment and to reduce waste as much as possible. Exploring new sustainable packaging options to ensure a cleaner safer environment.

Where can I find the list of the ingredients contained in your products?

The ingredient list (INCI) can be found on the product or on the
packaging of every product that we sell and can also be viewed on our website
under each product description.

Can I use Serum Laboratory Products if I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! All of our products are specially formulated for sensitive skin and help to soothe your skin conditions when applied. We at Serum Laboratory avoid using aggressive ingredients that can cause rather than fight inflammation and irritated skin. All products are formulated for every skin type on Earth.

However, everyone’s skin is unique and skin can negatively react to any one ingredient. For example, some people may react negatively if allergic to any certain ingredient. For this reason, we display all our ingredients under each product description to give each customer an informed choice before purchase. Even the “gentlest” ingredients may cause a reaction in certain people’s skin and therefore, we recommend patch testing a small amount of the product on the inside skin of the wrist area to ascertain its combability.

What is the shelf life of my product?

Unfortunately, all cosmetic products need to be used by a certain period. This is known as the “Period After Opening” and can be easily identified on the packaging with the PAO symbol. The symbol can be recognized as the shape of an opened jar image and will have a number inside. For example, 2M will 2 Months, 12M is 12 Months. Once opened the product should be used in this period, as after this time the quality of the product will deteriorate.

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